Toronto Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator specializing in logo design, brand identity & Illustration.

From logo design and clothing illustrations to beer label design and brand identity development, I’m here for all of your freelance graphic design needs. Based out of Toronto, Canada, I am an experienced graphic designer who uses strategy and objective thinking to ensure that your project goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Any idea big or small can be brought to life. I pride myself on the ability to take projects right from the concept development stage through to final production. Don’t let the process intimidate you, the right freelance graphic designer is easy to work with, affordable and will give you and your project the attention that is deserved.



Logo Design / Brand Identity / Style Guides
Timeless logo design paired with professional stationary packages ensures you always have a competitive advantage. For continued success, consider have a brand guidelines manual developed for a cohesive and consistent look on all future marketing materials.



Clothing / Beer Labels / Gig Posters
Whether it’s a small detail on product packaging or a fully illustrated music poster, unique illustrations have the ability to add that extra “wow factor” to any of your projects. A range of illustration styles are available from hand drawn and loose to crisp and modern.




Product Packaging / Beer Labels / Food
In a competitive world full of branded products it is difficult to stand out from the pack. The solution is creative, unique and professional package design. Grab the attention of consumers and don’t let your products be passed by any longer.


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