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Rebranding Santa – Part 3: Final Identity

Post Series: Rebranding Santa

Just in time for Christmas, I bring you the final segment of my “Rebranding Santa Series”. I’ll be taking you through the full brand identity, which includes a mobile application and a cutting edge delivery system.

To get started, lets recap the creative brief so we have some context.

Over the past decade, the growth of the Santa Claus brand has become stagnant and believers have started to decrease. The company is having issues connecting with the growing millennial demographic and is gaining a reputation for being old-fashioned. Now… on to the solution.

Branding System

The first step in addressing the company’s old-school persona was changing the name. I dropped the “Claus” and went with just Santa for a clean, modern and memorable name. Next, there was the issue of that jolly, cookie gobbling, fat man that has come to represent the brand. Our target audience is fashion-forward and health conscious. We need to distance the brand from this mascot and move in a new direction. To do this, the focus was move to the present. A simple and modern logo was developed that gives a nod to the old brand name by including a hidden “SC” within the icon. The colour palette was shifted from the typical bright red and green to softer and more refined tones. To compliment these brand elements, a subtle diamond pattern was created that represents snowflakes and mimics the diamonds in the logo’s wrapping-paper. On to the mobile application!

Santa Claus Brand Identity Design

Mobile Application

One of the secondary goals for this project was to increase Santa’s social following. My Solution – to develop a mobile application complete with all kinds of fun features that replace the old, inefficient processes like contacting Santa via snail-mail. The app also promotes sharing with friends and allows Santa to collect data about believers for future promotions. Features include: emails to Santa, naughty/nice status check, a live feed of Santa’s workshop and wish-list submission.

Santa Claus Mobile App Design


Delivery System

The last piece of the puzzle was addressing the fact that a single man was delivering the entire world’s presents by hand. This just screams inefficiency and customer complaints. Say goodbye to traditional fulfillment and hello to the Santa Drone Delivery System. It utilizes a full fleet of automated vessels that don’t sleep in or catch the flu.

Santa Claus Drone Delivery System

I hope this has provided some insight into the process of creating a full brand identity. Enjoy your Holidays and check back in the New Year for tons of new content!

Grant Burke

Grant is a freelance designer and illustrator, born and raised in the Toronto area. He has worked with clients from around the globe and focuses on building unique brand identities and developing illustrations for product packaging and apparel.

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  1. I am just starting out as a freelancer myself I love the process you took with re-branding an icon that everyone looks up to. The logo looks great!!

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