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Branding Services

Timeless logo design paired with professional stationary packages ensures you always have a competitive advantage. For continued success, consider have a brand guidelines manual developed for a cohesive and consistent look on all future marketing materials.

Logo Design

The first point of contact between potential customers and your brand is often your logo. It’s very important that this first interaction is memorable and a connection is made. Strong logo design is timeless and requires no explanation. If done correctly, it has the ability to convey your brand’s personality and voice in an instant.

As a freelancer, I pride myself in developing logo designs that are based on strategy and objective thinking. They should look good, but also serve a purpose. This is why all branding projects begin with a research and discovery phase. Next, we move into the creative development stage where multiple logo concepts are presented and clients have a number of opportunities to provide their own feedback. At the end of the process, you’ll be provided with print and web versions of your logo as well as any colour variations or lockups needed.


Fly Fishing Wordmark Logo

Wordmark / Lettermark

Antenna Coffee Icon Logo

Iconic / Symbolic

Rooster Icon Logo Design

Illustrative / Combination

Woodlawn Hotel Monogram Logo

Monogram / Initials

Vintage Barn Badge Logo

Badge / Emblem

Big Bear Mascot Character Logo

Mascot / Character

What Makes a Good Logo?

Simple / Minimalistic
Memorable / Recognizable
Versatile / Flexible
Unique / Creative
Appropriate / On-Target


Full Brand Identity Packages

Many companies make the mistake of believing a logo and a brand are the same thing. In reality, a logo is only a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. A brand is the encapsulation of a company’s mission statement, objectives, and corporate soul as expressed through the corporate voice and aesthetic. It is the logo, words, colours, typography, personality, tone of voice, products and more, all working as single unit to express what your company stands for. A strong brand has the power to make connections with its intended audience and naturally creates loyalty.

Through years of experience, I have developed an effective process for developing successful brand identities. It begins with research and understanding the story that you want your brand to tell. Once a clear direction has been established, I move into the creative phase, which consists of creating the logo, brand standards manual and stationary. Because every company is different, branding packages can be modified based on your individual needs.


What's Included

Business Card
Brand Guidelines Manual

Optional Add-ons

Package Design
Web Design
Clothing / Promo
Marketing Collateral

Brand Guidelines Manual / Style Guide

If you’re like most start-ups you have a basic idea of the elements that need to be created for your brand like the logo, stationary, website, etc., but aren’t totally sure how it all comes together. This is where brand guidelines comes in! Also commonly referred to as a “style guide”, “graphic standards manual” or a “brand bible”, it is the master document that gathers and defines all of the different elements within a brand and explains how to create new materials that are on brand. It contains information about logo usage, the colour palette, typography, photography/image style, tone, applications and much more. If developed correctly, a strong brand guidelines manual will allow any designer to seamlessly develop new artwork for your company.

In a perfect world the standards manual should be developed immediately after the logo has been finalized or when an established business is re-branding. Unfortunately it often takes companies years to realize that their marketing materials are becoming disjointed and that the look and feel differs from one piece to the next. It’s a common mistake, but not the end of the world. A talented designer can come in and develop a brand manual at any stage of company’s life that will correct their trajectory moving forward.

Read my blog post for more information:
The Importance of a Brand Guidelines Manual

What's Included

Brand Overview
Logo Usage
Colour Palette
Typography Rules
Photography / Illustration Style
Tone of Voice
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