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Why to Hire a Freelancer for Your Next Design Project

Many clients overlook the benefit of hiring a freelancer because of their low visibility in search results compared to agencies with large marketing budgets. A quick Google search will almost certainly lead you to the biggest agencies in town. Some clients are also drawn to the agency route because of the comfort factor they get from hiring a company that has a large office space and multiple employees. This is fine for large companies, but for smaller clients there may be a better option. Below is a list of reasons that you may want to consider hiring a freelancer for your next design project.

1. Affordability

Lets start with the most obvious point. Many freelancers, including myself, work from at home and don’t have anywhere near the overhead costs of a large agency. This allows us to offer more affordable prices without a reduction in quality.

2. Time & Attention

Agencies tend to have more clients and prioritize their schedule based on client size. If you’re competing for attention with a multinational corporation with a six-figure retainer, it can become very easy for your “smaller” project to get overlooked. Freelancers on the other hand tend to work on a limited number of projects at a time so that they can give you their full attention. You’ll feel like your job is the most important thing they are working on.

3. Quality of Work

One of the toughest things for a freelancer is to grow their business and keep their schedule full. This fuels them to offer the best service possible and to go the extra mile to make sure that clients keep coming back. It’s not uncommon for them to throw in freebies or value-added services to sweeten the deal.

4. Communication

If you’ve ever hired an agency you’ll know that most of your day-to-day communication will be through an account manager (AM) who then relays your requirements to a designer. This slows down the process and can sometimes lead to a case of “broken telephone” where designers receive incorrect or incomplete information. When you compare this to the process of a freelancer, you’ll deal with the designer directly, which saves time and allows you to discuss the job with an expert who understands the full scope of the project.

5. Flexibility

Freelancers are a different breed and often hold very unique hours. They are very flexible and it is not unusual for them to work late into the night or over the weekend to finish your project. You’ll find that they are accessible by e-mail at almost any time of the day. If your website is down or you have an emergency, there’s a good chance they will be able to resolve it quicker than an agency employee who may have clocked out for the day.

6. Experience and Quality

When you hire a freelancer you know exactly who you will be working with. You can select them based on the experience and skill set that is right for your project. When you hire an agency it is difficult to tell who will be working on your job. You’re paying for experience, but won’t know if your project is being handled by a team of senior designers or a single intern.

7. You’re Hiring Us Anyway

This may come as a big surprise to some clients, but just because you’ve hired an agency doesn’t mean that they are doing the work. Agencies frequently contract freelancers to handle their overflow. It’s very possible that you’re getting the work of a freelancer with the markup of an agency. It’s not a bad idea to consider cutting out the additional cost right off the get-go.


Grant Burke

Grant is a freelance designer and illustrator, born and raised in the Toronto area. He has worked with clients from around the globe and focuses on building unique brand identities and developing illustrations for product packaging and apparel.

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  1. «Agencies frequently contract freelancers to handle their overflow». It’s 100% true. I’m a freelance writer but my friend is a designer in an IT company. Very often they ask freelancer to handle minor tasks as it is cheaper to hire a freelancer. Besides, usually freelancers are students that need money and experience. They have fresh eye for everything and want to work.

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