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Barn Door Logo Tutorial 685×295

Case Study: Barn Door Brewery Hand-Drawn Logo

Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to work with Ontario craft brewer, King Brewery, to rebrand their business. Their new company, which is called Barn Door Brewing Co., is planned to relocate to rural Uxbridge, where they will repurpose an old barn built in 1876. The vintage structure is the centrepiece of the new operation and was my inspiration for the design of the Barn Door logo.

The client wanted the logo to feature the personality and heritage of the rural location, while still having enough mass appeal to attract new customers in an ever-growing craft beer industry. My goal was to create a timeless design that was rustic and unique. To accomplish this I tried a new method that combined hand-drawn illustrations and lettering with digital techniques. The result was a versatile vector logo that had the loose feel of a hand-carved block print and a very happy client.


Initial Concepts


Hand-Lettering and Inked Illustration



Shape Explorations


The Final Logo!



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Grant Burke

Grant is a freelance designer and illustrator, born and raised in the Toronto area. He has worked with clients from around the globe and focuses on building unique brand identities and developing illustrations for product packaging and apparel.

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