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My Office and Design Tools

If your like me, you are curious about other designers and their workspaces. Well, today you’re going to get a full tour of my home studio and the design tools I use on a daily basis.

Lets start off with the old-school analog items:

1. Self-Healing Cutting Mat – This is essential for any designer. I’m constantly printing out proofs and assembling dummies so it is great to have a large space for cutting without worrying about slicing up my nice desk.

2. Strathmore 11×14″ Sketch book

3. Copic Multi Liner Pens – These range from .001 to large brushes and work great for my more refined illustration work.

4. Staedtler Pencil Set


5. 27″ iMac – 16GB Ram & 1.5TB Storage – This is definitely the work-horse of the office. I’ve had it for just over 3 years now and couldn’t be any happier with it.

6. iPad 1 – Awesome tool for reading blogs and doing research while I’m lounging on the couch.

7. Apple Wireless Keyboard

8. Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse – My computer came with an Apple Magic Mouse, but it’s too flat and gives me major claw hand. The Logitech mouse is very ergonomic and will save you down the road.

9. Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones – Super effective at cancelling noise and perfect when my wife is watching TV or the dog is loosing his marbles.

10. Seagate 1.5TB External Hard drive

11. Wacom Inkling – Another great tool, which I mainly use for brainstorming and rough sketches. It automatically scans your sketches to save you that extra step.

12. Wacom Graphire 3 Tablet – I’ve had this tablet for a decade, but its still hanging in there. The drawing space is only about 4 x 6″, but it does the trick.


13. HP Officejet 6500A Plus printer/scanner

14. Cooper – This guy is head of security and runs a strict, but fair program. He’s also an avid walker and believes strongly in the 10 second rule.


What are your go-to tools? I’m always looking for a new gadget to add to my collection.


Grant Burke

Grant is a freelance designer and illustrator, born and raised in the Toronto area. He has worked with clients from around the globe and focuses on building unique brand identities and developing illustrations for product packaging and apparel.

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  1. Great! I wish I had place for work at my home. I live with my parents so coworking place is the best way out. If there were a possibility to attach the photo so that you could see how lucky you are to have your private working space)

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