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Barn Door Beer Label Illustration Series
Summer Storm Beer Label Design
Spring Bock Beer Label Design
Oktoberfest Craft Beer Label Illustration
Long Weekend Lager Beer Label Design
Monster Mash Beer Label Design

Project Details


Barn Door Brewing Co. (Uxbridge, Ontario)

Creative Fields:

Package Design, Illustration


Beginning as King Brewery, I recently helped rebrand the craft beer company to The Barn Door Brewing Co. in an effort to stand out in the ever-expanding craft beer market. Once the overall brand direction was completed, I moved on to packaging. A illustration style and flexible design system was established, which I then translated across the entire line of beer labels.

These labels utilize eye-catching hand drawn illustrations and a rustic barn board backdrop. Custom hand lettering and non-traditional stubby bottles were used to create a homegrown feel. Each label in the series makes use of a custom die-cut shape to place further emphasis on the illustrations.

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