Illustration can add an extra level of personality to elevate your brand above the competition. We can dream up styles and create designs that are impossible to achieve in traditional mediums like photography. It’s the perfect solution when a photoshoot doesn’t make sense financially or you can’t find the right stock photos to match your vision.

Sometimes clients hear “illustration” and get scared off because they’re afraid it could make their branding look childish. In reality, illustration can do just the opposite. It’s a technique that’s extremely versatile and depending on the style, colours and usage, can portray a wide range of messages. For example, subtle use of modern, geometric illustrations can make a brand feel very refined. Whereas loose and colourful illustrations can definitely create a sense of playfulness.


Beer Labels

It’s a competitive industry and with new microbreweries popping up everyday it’s essential to make your brand stand out on the shelf. Whether it’s a fully-illustrated can wrap or a subtle icon, illustration can propel your packaging above the other brands.


Illustration can make your product packaging pop. Attention-grabbing imagery can ensure your product is easy to identify and doesn’t get lost in the crowd.


From one-off shirt illustrations for a special occasion to a full line of apparel, we create must-have designs ready for screen printing.


Posters are a great opportunity for both highly-detailed or simple illustrations because of its large scale.


Illustrations work great for infographics because of the ability to create very specific imagery and to tell a story. We can create complex infographic illustrations or smaller elements to be used within a larger piece.

Custom Illustration

The sky is the limit for illustration – we’re always looking to collaborate with you to create one-of-a-kind illustrations that are sure to stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your illustration process?

All of our illustration projects start with a discovery process where we will discuss the project goals and the desired style. We will then submit a rough sketch of the illustration to the client for approval before moving onto the full illustration. Once the full illustration is complete, there will be two rounds of revisions (as needed) and the final illustrations will be prepped for end-use.

How will I know what the final illustration will look like?

Every illustration project starts with a rough sketch and style examples that ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward. Clients can provide their own references at the start of a project if a specific style is desired. We will always let you know if we cannot achieve a requested style.

What style(s) of illustration do you offer?

Please review our case studies and Illustration Collection for examples of past projects. We also have the ability to match other illustration styles and will let you know based on your examples, if a style can be achieved or not.

Are your illustrations drawn by hand or on the computer?

Grant started as a traditional artist and always starts projects with a pencil and paper. The sketches will then be coloured and refined further on the computer.